In this manner the ascension comes to be the dividing line enters two periods of the life of Christ: of the birth until the resurrection, It he is the Christ of history perfect human being under terrenas conditions; since the ascension, It he is the Christ of the experience spiritual, that lives in the sky and if it relates with the men through the Espirito Santo. Here, Western Union expresses very clear opinions on the subject. 2. Certain CHRIST EXALTADO ticket says that Christ ' ' subiu' ' (Ef 4,8-10), and another one says that he was ' ' raised to cus' ' (At 1,2). The first one represents Christ entering in the presence of the Father for its proper will and right, and second it accents the action of the Father by which It was exaltado in rewards for its obedience until the death. Its slow ascension ahead of the looks of the disciples brought it to them understanding of that Jesus was leaving its terrena life and he made them eyewitnesses of its departure.

It was in sight of its ascension and dither that Christ declared: ' ' Me All authority in skies and terra&#039 was given; ' (TM 28.18; cf. Ef 1.20-23; 1 Foot 3.22; Fp 2.9-11; AP 5,12). N. Hom. Being thus we can rest in Mr. For more clarity and thought, follow up with crowne plaza rosemont and gain more knowledge.. Jesus, who a high time to the Sky, lives for us and not nothing that It cannot make for us, a time that It has all power in skies and the land.

We so only must ador-Lo, therefore It is our shelter and ortaleza. Aleluia! 3. THE SOVEREIGN CHRIST ….. 4. THE CHRIST WHO PREPARES THE WAY ….. 5. CHRIST INTERCESSOR ….. CONCLUSION We have the certainty that the ascension with its resurrection is the base for the permanence of evangelho, after two a thousand years of these events many people they had given its lives, they had faced lions, they abandoned children, spouses and parents, why they had absolute certainty that Mr. Jesus in fact was the Christ de Deus, who would consequently save the humanity of the flames of the hell and of the perpetual death. We can elencar some practical values of the doctrine of the ascension, which are irrefutable and still serve for the Christians to be defended of the false masters, these, have many that its deity or its humanity does not recognize (Jo 4,2). These values are: 1. The recognition of the glorified Christ, to who we wait to see briefly, is an incentive to the sanctity (CL 3,1-4). 2. The recognition of the ascension provides a correct concept of the Church. The belief in a mere human Christ would take the people to consider the church mere a society human being, only useful for the filantrpicos and moral works, to put dismissed of to be able and authority supernatural. On the other hand a recognition of a Christ subject to skies will result in the recognition of the Church as an organism, a supernatural organism whose divine life emanates of the head? the Christ revived. More Dc reads. Alan Fabiano