Adaptive Cases

Synerplus adopts new ERP implementation methodologies and improving business results within ICT consultants worldwide continually speaks of what is the best method for performing a successful implementation, trying to find new ways of working. One of the major conclusions, which is reached from Synerplus, is that there is a fundamental informalization in the Organization of deployments. It will not to speak on this item of the business counterpart, which is another important topic, but it will focus exclusively on the implementers. How many people tends to be involved in a deployment? It is normal that there is a consulting firm that works with non-proprietary software whose flexibility tends to be limited to how that specific program works and on the other hand the subcontracted company which is in charge of the parameterizations that often cover a fraction of the company’s needs. Of course there are cases in which adaptations are more important and is When criticality fires.

In either of the two cases, coordination between those involved in deployments of the work tends to be an added problem, which in the best of cases has 2 entities whose agendas must be synchronized and the times are higher. But in these cases, it is very important to consider the following questions: what is the level of involvement of the consulting firm?, what is the level of functional precision with which you want to perform the deployment? How long is it estimated to develop adaptation? When is an adaptation and when is a simple parameterization?. Synerplus, is integrated with all areas involved in a deployment, has software proprietary and thus a huge Adaptive flexibility, but above all, relativises the current importance to implantation, which remain important, considers more important still to the accompaniment of solutions through a system of evolutionary maintenance, that is when companies really discovered their real needs in every day, instead of getting an expensive implementation and that not almost always lacks the concepts that the company needs.