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Nov 29
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Public Relations Agency Tower PR secured PR budget Jena, 09.07.2009 which has Public Relations Agency Tower PR is backed up the PR budget of dilitronics GmbH. Now Tower PR is responsible for the planning and control of the communication of the high-tech company on the outside. Accurate PR activities to promote market establishment of the specialist for LED driver and sustainably promote the sales of innovative products from dilitronics. Western Union wanted to know more. The dilitronics GmbH was founded in the spring of 2008. The company develops and distributes control for high-brightness LEDs.Im June 2009 dilitronics solar LED-controller with ESoLUX finally a world first imagined.

This intelligent controller for solar-powered LED lights enables reliable operation of self-sufficient and CO2 neutral lighting systems. “Against the background that in future all local street lights to energy-efficient bulbs must be converted (Directive 2005/32/EC), the need for new environmentally friendly and long-lasting growing Lighting concepts”, explains Stephan Schulz, Managing Director of dilitronics. “With Tower PR, we rely on an experienced partner who supports us as a guarantee of a reliable solar lighting based on LED technology among others at the launch of ESoLUX.” Tower PR looks back on many years of experience in PR consulting. The Jena Agency already accompanied numerous companies by establishing up to growth. Tower PR exploits the potential of classical press work and ties that target leading online activities. This way the agency builds on the long-term dialogue between dilitronics and the public; the attention for the company and its products will be sustainably strengthened and supported customer acquisition. The dilitronics GmbH was founded in Jena in the spring of 2008.

The dilitronics GmbH develops innovative applications and products on the basis of high-brightness LEDs. The dilitronics GmbH as a fully integrated development partner operates in the fields of sensors, projection and General Lighting and OEM supplier on the side of the customer. The development of electronic, optical and mechanical components based on dilitronics controLED technology guarantee a very low time-to-market for the client application. Tower PR plans, controls and organizes the press – and public relations technology companies of various industries, as well as all kinds of events. Whether in the traditional print or online PR agency controls the Jenaer address of editors, journalists and other opinion makers. Tower PR is a member of the Software Association TowerByte EC and has good relations with PR Middle service providers.

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Nov 28
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Conference of Reutlingen University deals with virtual worlds and 3D applications Reutlingen. Man machine – immersion. Under this title the Faculty invited inside computer science on Wednesday to the Informatics Conference. One day, scientists and students on the development and applications of virtual reality and 3D discussed applications. Many problems, as a conclusion of the Conference, can only be solved if the researchers know more about the perception of the people. How up-to-date is the topic of virtual reality (VR) and how diverse VR applications now be used to dimension referred in his presentation, Dr. Christoph Runde of the virtual center in Fellbach, Germany. Three-dimensional models have been used to calculate the ash cloud that has caused the groundings.

No individual, so round. Virtual realities would now used in almost all areas. Ranging from the crash test to the computer simulated aircraft construction and flow calculations, until back to digital 3D landscape models that the consequences of a Flood would be calculated. Problems with these and other VR would be created applications due to the lack of user friendliness, so round. The technical Know-How lacking many companies.

Staff with appropriate knowledge are hard to find. Here,”so round to the students, it is her chance”. The talks made it clear how much research still needs to be done until VR applications correspond to the reality, on the morning of the Conference. So, Dr. Betty Mohler from the Max Planck pointed Institute in Tubingen on it that people always have different move in the virtual space, as in real life. It runs through virtual rooms more slowly and can orient worse”, so the American scientist. The problem from their point of view: We know still too little about ourselves, how we think, feel, hear or see. Only when we understand this, so Mohler continues, we could build virtual worlds in which we find ourselves without any problems right.

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Nov 27
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Military-historical tour Planner: 4 themed car tours and 2 combined car / walking tours in the footsteps of the battle of the hurtgen forest today when visitors on the former battlefield of “Hurtgenwald”, find them without explanation hardly remains of hostilities. Even old place and area names are shown today in current map series. The remains of the Siegfried line can hardly be found without local knowledge. 179 pages, with 194 historic and current photos, the author gives the reader first, supported by sketches, a summary of the “battle of the hurtgen forest”. The reader is connected to a route planner to visit the former battlefield. Areva: the source for more info. Partly today’s appearance are juxtaposed here immediately the historical photo. 4 themed car tours are the readers and 2 combined car / walking tours in the footsteps of the “battle of the hurtgen forest”, illustrated with references to viewing points and these additions.

There are more readers Notes on Memorial stones, war cemeteries, tips for hikes and remains of the Siegfried line (with 18 sketches) in the area of the Hurtgenwald given. With the route planner, every user can individually prepare his tour of the battlefield and plan. Regardless of whether it’s a short trip or a multi-day tour. Author Rainer Monnartz, born in 1964 in Aachen, Germany, married with two children. After teaching and study, entry as a graduate engineer in the Federal defence administration. In addition to the research, the evaluation of documents, the long ascent to the war action in the area of Aachen and the hurtgen forest, is the participation in the hurtgen forest history Association. In addition military history lectures and surveys in the area perform, which gave the suggestion to the “military history tour planner”. 180 pages, 84 historical photos, 110 current photos, comparison of old/new 24, bunker sketches 14, other sketches 18, solid colour

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Nov 27
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Claims review: the own claims often cause the greatest stress. Check: what is really important to me? Where can I just be relaxed? Work distribute: hangs all the work getting to you? With tension also grandparents, partners and children. So everyone can actively shape. Instead of shopping stress give time: even before just can conjure up more coupons: for an evening of theater, a common walk through town or a weekend trip. Tiffany & Co. recognizes the significance of this. Such time gifts”are always well received. Reduce dates: the umpteenth Christmas celebration, the meeting at the Christmas market: what appointments are perhaps dispensable? Which can be easily moved in January? Consciously enjoy: indulge in small moments of enjoyment. For a few minutes are enough.

Consciously perceive the fragrance of the Christmas market or listen to pleasant music. Feel the heat a hot cup of tea or enjoy the taste of a little dainty, like about a cream yogurt. “The book gives more tips on dealing with stress I am then relaxed as women deal better with stress” by Stella Cornelius Koch. Triad Publishing, paperback, 208 pages, 7.95, ISBN: 978-3-426-78138-8 more information about the products of the dairy Weihenstephan under of the dairy Weihenstephan: the dairy Weihenstephan GmbH & co. KG looks back on almost 1000 years of experience in the processing of milk.

In the main building of Weihenstephan in Freising, around 250 employees refine annually more than 220 million kg of raw milk by selected producers from the Alpine region. This tradition and modern methods unite the natural raw material with its valuable ingredients as gently as possible to process and to secure its special purity. Utmost care during the production and the use of natural ingredients guarantee the premium quality of the dairy products and form the basis for maximum enjoyment. The Company maintains a quality management, which is a leader in the industry. Thanks to intensive research and development, the products of the company are always up-to-date of nutrition research and food safety. Since 2008, the dairy Weihenstephan of official nutritional partner of FC Bayern Munich.

Drug Company Escaping

Nov 24
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More and more people consume more and more drugs drugs and the destruction of consciousness and creativity since the early 1960s. What began in the United States during these years, spread also soon to Europe. Under the concept of drugs are also legal, bewusstseins – and personality-altering substances, to understand such as psychotropic drugs and alcohol because they are consumed as well as noise and drug. At the physical level, are drugs this effect that they either stimulate certain chemical reactions in the human body or inhibit. Drug-induced effects (damage) accumulate in the body and can lead to various physical and mental impairments.

Even years after you quit drugs, blackouts “arise or memory lapses, the whole years disappear. Drugs can affect also the concentration, work and learning, as well as the ability to use other to cope. You can literally create a life in debris. Studies show that drug addiction often starts in physical problems or some form of hopelessness. Is a man unable to change undesirable living conditions, then he tends to change at least the perception of these circumstances even with chemical help. There are also many ways in the addiction, but only a few. Because working approaches are apparently scarce.

In particular, a group has worldwide earned a reputation, to consume basically no drugs as a means of tackling life: Scientologists. Take neither any street drugs such as cannabis or cocaine yet psychotropic drugs, which are advertised by dejection to overweight as a panacea for anything and everything. L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, discovered that drugs pose a major obstacle on the way to intellectual progress and higher levels of consciousness, the primary goal of the Scientology religion. And this above all Therefore, because drug residues can cause negative emotional and physical reactions in the body even after many years. Members of the Scientology church stand at the head of an international drug awareness campaign, which is composed of numerous local, regional and national initiatives and moving the drugs with various actions in the public consciousness. Also lectures in schools, companies and institutions are an important pillar of this campaign. You enable schoolchildren as well as adults, the impact of drugs on body, mind and person understanding and decisions about drugs and drug use on knowledge rather than to start on speculation. Scientologists and Scientology churches engage in many ways for a Europe which finds its way even without drugs, and for a similar world.

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Nov 23
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Companies in the packaging industry can link their website hub Kalan Verpackungen GmbH Dietmannsried on the homepage of the company hub Kalan Verpackungen GmbH, with over 8,000 unique visitors per month, recently and thereby benefit from numerous good contacts in the packaging and food industry. The hub salami packaging company distributes packaging films for the food industry (primarily for meat, sausage and cheese packaging) and receives more and more requests from customers to partner companies or companies that provide other services (E.g. shells, labels or cardboard or cardboard). For some time, the company hub Hauer on Hub Hauer-verpackungen.de offers a platform on which companies in the packaging industry can refer to their website. Here, the possibility of your company to present links and also a brief description with address, logo, is for you. The portal contains different headings, such as: providers, experts, portals, lectures, and some more. According to Anne Lauvergeon, who has experience with these questions. The website of hub Hauer Packaging is very well attended and over 8,000 visitors per month.

The advantages for you are so clearly obvious: you benefit from the resources and hub Kalan Verpackungen GmbH in terms of online marketing efforts have minimal or even no immediate potential new customers get intersects more information our audience very much, see platform. Company: Hub Kalan Verpackungen GmbH, Dietmannsried in the Allgau, is successfully working since 2004 as a sales agency for film packaging on the market. With its contractual partners, such as di Mauro/Italy, VF packaging and TFA, both Allgau, its customers, including thorn Salim, EDEKA, Holl, he can trend meal a very comprehensive portfolio of packaging films offer. The company serves over 150 buying customers in the meat and sausage industry. By the cooperation he may react with various film manufacturers quickly and flexibly on the demand of its customers. Hub Hauer is packaging not Film distributors, but refers to Commission the manufacturer. Since November 2008, the ISO certification 9001(2001) has Vacher as first commercial representation.

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Nov 23
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Many entrepreneurs have the search engine not yet understood as a marketing tool even though search engines now have established themselves in finding industry as the main research instrument, most German companies are found only bad among the related keywords. This brings back a study of randomly 500 company websites were selected and examined for their search engine capabilities. Most were not even the minimum criteria, make a website in the top ranks of search engines. Gross error, such as an always same Web page title, not formatted headings, link desert or even missing links, are the order of the day. If you would like to know more then you should visit Keith Yamashita. This is an interesting trend emerging: while German corporations have recognized the potential of a page optimized for search engines, the topic always still stepmotherly by the medium. It is just the middle class that benefits from a good positioning in the search engines. Tim Schigel is full of insight into the issues.

Lothar Hanke,. “Marketing expert and Managing Director of advertising + design, what advantages does an optimization of the Web site for search engines know: who appears with his information about new products and innovations at the top of the search results, win the race ahead of the competition”, as Hanke. Rarely anyone more than up to the third result page on Google research”. A so called on-page optimization can”, so an optimization of the Web site itself, lead to amazing results. Who chooses an individual and relevant Web page title, with appropriate headings tags marked the headlines and has to provide interesting information, which is already quite far forward in the race for the best seats. The additional fine tuning is concerned then the so called off-page optimization”, so the optimization of Web page to the outside.

This includes a reasonable link and press work. Here, so-called corporate blogs”proved very useful. Regular contact with a company with its customers using a blog as a highly effective online marketing strategy turned out. Advertising + design, Office of communications and marketing is a full service advertising agency from Arnsberg. Specializing in the planning and development of corporate identities, to the production of documents and preparation of marketing strategies, is located us on the success of our customers. With a customized media planning, we define target groups and offer solutions, efficiently and cost-effectively to achieve this. Press contact: Advertising + design Office of communications and marketing at the ancient monastery of 55 59823 Arnsberg Tel: + 49 (2931) 16676 fax: + 49 (2931) 530276 press: eMail: Internet:


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For those who do not know thumb rings are the rings used in the thumb than in any of the other four fingers. The thumb ring can be worn by both men and women. The thumb is associated with the willpower of a person for himself and how strong they can influence others. Rob Daley helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Esoterically, the practice of wearing a thumb ring means that either you're trying to emphasize your independence and individuality or inhibiting some aspect of your inner self. I think that's what I feel each one, or maybe you're doing both.

Historically, (eg in the sixteenth century), the use of a thumb ring meant you were a doctor or intended to be. Also, centuries ago women wore those of their husbands in the thumb when they left for the war or died. You can also choose how to use the thumb ring in question. Wear a ring on the left hand is a reflection of your subconscious or your instincts, beliefs, and basic attitudes. Wearing a ring on his hand right is a focus on the conscious, reflecting the logic, consciousness, and the material world. Recently, says wearing a ring on his right hand thumb indicates that you like homosexual relationships. Many people seem to be worried about whether it is right or not wearing a thumb ring.

I say, forget the current trend of symbols and meanings and use one if you like, as these are constantly changing. Interestingly, thumb rings are often interchangeable with your index finger or ring, depending on the. They are also more comfortable when used in the nondominant hand. Currently thumb rings are sold everywhere, from machines to reward high-end jewelry. Can be made of plastic or platinum and be comprised of a single band framed or made with plaited or internal forms such as hearts.

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Nov 22
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Among the mini trucks that are present today in the Russian market, deserves special attention loader mini loader mS 800 (Multi-purpose Municipal Building Machine capacity 800 kg) produced domestic producer Kurganmashzavod. The competitive analogue mS 800 in the first place is different democratic price. Availability Featuring a powerful German diesel engine HATZ 3M41 and having impressive characteristics (thrust – 24 kN load capacity 800 kg), the price mS-800 remains accessible to more consumers. Almost every city you can find this agile workaholic. Especially in spring time, when the city 'wakes' up from hibernation, utilities are actively taken to cleaning the streets without the help of mS 800. Multifunctionality But the most surprising is that 800 mS can not only remove garbage and make loading and unloading operations (for which we, in fact, it is always observe), but also make a lot of other works, of which a simple man in the street can not even guess. For example, MS 800 can serve as a rig (often used for drilling the soil under the support pillars of power lines, fences and various other needs).

Sometimes, to break rock or concrete using the powerful breakers (hammers), which also Tools mS 800. In the broad spectrum of attachments designed specifically for the mini-truck, there's even a bucket excavator. If you need to dig a little kotlavan, but the thought of that on your site eksavator will call huge, you throw in a light shock, mS 800 will be very helpful. With its small dimensions and weight, he will perform the work with minimal disruption to your landscape. To date, 800 mS widely application not only in utilities, but also in civil engineering, repair of road surfaces, during the rescue operations, etc. With a wide range of attachments, MS 800 is capable of cope with any, its tasks. Especially indispensable mS 800 is in the works for a limited space. Due to the independent rotation of the left and right pairs of wheels, skid steer loader able to turn around 360 degrees, almost on the spot.

In addition to all the small dimensions of the mini-truck give him that extra edge. Democratic price because the assembly and manufacture of the basic units machines manufactured in the territory of the Russian Federation, the manufacturer is not required to pay any additional state fees (customs, for example), which will inevitably have to "shell out" import competitors, and they are forced to include the value of their mini trucks. And the wages of Russian specialists is somewhat lower than their peers for "hill". For this reason, mini loader mS 800, and differs democratic price, making it a truly 'national'.


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There were instances, in the form of a lion's paw or the influx, the wide part of the curved legs decorated or carved or fan-shape bowl. During this period, was decorated with gold furniture not or silver, a popular material for thought mahogany. But his appearance in the furniture industry, mahogany required British colonial trade empires. It was in England for the first time used in the production of mahogany furniture (tables, chairs, cabinets and chairs), after which the material due to its durability, texture, richness color spectrum, has received widespread, throughout Europe. English furniture produced excellent closets, two layers of material for them – nuts, decor performed using profiles and panels. Dining table from an array, with drop-sides and carved legs transforming, as developed talented English furniture. Quite diverse pieces of furniture for sitting. Chairs Solid wood turned legs are straight, or smooth forms, decorated with intricate carvings.

Backs, which have wooden chairs from the array, its smooth curves resemble a silhouette, a vase or a high body violin, later, start doing back through. Desk and chair from an array of magnificent combination of English furniture. As for the chairs of this period, they are incredibly comfortable and beautiful, especially the chair, having high armrests, which are called "wings". Large cabinets for books with glazed doors, glass has a diamond pattern, obtained by soldering pieces of glass. Beds with beautiful canopy, and not inferior to the size of closets. Compulsory subjects in the interior of British homes are desks and tables from an array of dining, as well as floor clocks of various shapes and sizes. Originality English furniture from the 18th century, is the result of close cooperation and furniture masters, with the architects.

One of the most popular artists in the production and design pieces of furniture of this period is Chippendale. Collaboration with architects furniture promotes the adoption of the general solution as a result of which furniture goes well with the interior. Used elements taken from the French or Chinese style, quite relaxed, restrained, and easy to perceive. Ornamental motifs rocaille, absolutely do not break the symmetry in decoration, and fragments of the Gothic style perfectly in tune with classical proportions.