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Give your readers to include their own fantasy! And never use a license like Creative Commons – then your image just pokradut. 4. Set captcha and verify that its "reveal all" is not less than 10 minutes. If a visitor can read the captcha the first time – it means it's too simple. Complicate captcha.

Allow visitors porazgadyvat puzzle. For example, I saw a captcha, which is on each letter was drawn by some zverushka (cat or pig). To enter the correct answer, you had to choose only those letters, which were drawn seals. The whole joke is that the size of these zverushek was microscopic. Tell where fur seals, and where the pig – is almost unreal. That is the perfect example of a captcha. 5. Break down each article into multiple pages and 'Napichkivayte' its key words so that it was disgusting to read.

Have you even once read an article on multiple screens? Agree – this is terrible! Have to constantly scroll the screen to scroll, on which tires index finger on his left hand. Much easier – to break an article 5-10 pages and click. 2 paragraphs on this page – this is just what you need! Please note that the long boot (not less than 20 seconds), the next page will the reader to relax and further comprehend just read the content. 6. On any event, inform the reader through the e-mail. Once you get your e-mailbox reader (such as when he introduces it in the field comment) – immediately send him some letter (this can be done automatically). For example, report the topic for the next item. Or about the site development plans for the next 2 months. And if you do not have what him to write – it does not matter – write about how you enjoy what he reads your site. Do not forget to duplicate their email and send an e-mail visitors daily. A better – twice a day. 7. Use the PDF. HTML – it's yesterday. In addition, you can not guarantee to control appearance of your page in html, because different browsers interpret it differently. Therefore, you seem to be more convenient to use PDF-ohm at every opportunity. He has some very tangible benefits. For example, he loaded a lot slower and sometimes freezes transforming the process of obtaining the required content for the reader on a real quest! This is exciting! 8. Be mysterious. Not post information about yourself and contact information prominently displayed. A better – do not place it on the site. Believe me – you are not interesting. People sneeze, who wrote an article that they read and they never vinnevozniknet even thought skontaktuvat with him.

Vladislav Smirnov

But we do not live in the U.S., and our realities are very different from American reality, and read books, the main part of the contents of which talks about how to work well at home, or describes certain gentlemen who have earned millions after reading this very excellent book, I am sorry not interested. Version with a description of experience seasoned by the Russian freelancer is certainly more interesting. Here a little more specific. Still, the experience of each individual thing is purely individual, and it is not the fact that the proposed materials such advice will do you good. The second important point about which many somehow overlooked when looking for a job, no matter what, normal or deleted. He is next! Gentlemen, looking for a job, you really have forgotten that the work – it is time transmit, for which you pay money, you, not you.

Never forget this principle, if only to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. In the third, who told you that you proposed materials will contain all secrets of remote work. Believe me, this will not happen, and you know why. Every malomalski secret or discovery or an unexpected discovery is of considerable commercial interest for its owner, and it is to be used himself, not talking about him or anyone for any money. This is his gold mine, bringing his considerable income, and all that you are invited to buy, easy to find free public access. The question is, why pay money for something, that we can take for free Well the last minute. The most valuable experience – is the one which is derived from my own experience.

You may not be until the end of something sure until you test it yourself. Look for and analyze information independently. Assume it will take some more time, and you make a sufficient number of unnecessary mistakes, but the likelihood that you will find a gold mine, known only to you, is considerably increased. Only in this If you become true professionals.